animated series Lupin III (1971) © TMS / Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
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Lupin III (1971)

With the help of his companions, Lupin the Third steals the greatest of treasures from all over the world. This first Lupin series is mature and more violent than the subsequent series, with the gang more likely to kill in the pursuit of their objectives.

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Even though this was the first Lupin III TV series, it wasn't Lupin's anime debut. Two years earlier, a pilot film was produced to see how Lupin III whould look...
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The creators of the video game series Sly Cooper probably had this show in mind when they made their games. Like Sly, Lupin is a thief, so he's not exactly...
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Lupin III is a classic, in the same way that the spaceship in 2001 or the first chord of 'Hard Day's Night' are classic. Or in the words of...
Created by: TMS, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Language: Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Yamada Yasuo ... Arsčne Lupin III
Kobayashi Kiyoshi ... Jigen Daisuke
Nikaido Yuukiko ... Mine Fujiko
Naya Goro ... Inspector Zenigata
Otsuka Chikao ... Ishikawa Goemon
Based on: the manga by Kato Kazuhiko (aka "Monkey Punch")

The first of the three 'Lupin III' series, commonly referred to by fans as the "green jacket" series.

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