animated series Lost Universe © BJCF / Octovision Oaken / San Ho Studios
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Lost Universe

In space, terrorists wear chicken outfits, heroes wear capes, no matter how many people laugh at them for it, and feisty computers refuse to allow more than one bathroom per spaceship, because "they're disgusting."

Welcome to the Swordbreaker, heirloom Lost Ship owned by Kane Blueriver (troubleshooter for hire.) Also serving aboard the ship are Millie, the greatest...something the galaxy has ever seen (She hasn't figured out yet where her talents lie) and Canal, the holographic embodiment of the ship's computer.

Together they bravely move from job to job, from planet to planet, making idiots of themselves! Hey, it pays the bills.

Meanwhile, the criminal organization Nightmare will do anything it takes to get their hands on Swordbreaker.

Created by: BJCF, Octovision Oaken, San Ho Studios
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Souichiro Hoshi ... Kane Blueriver
Mifuyu Hiirage ... Millienium Feria Nocturne
Megumi Hayashibara ... Canal Volphied
Hikaru Midorikawa ... Rail Claymore
Masami Suzuki ... Nina Mercury
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Steve Metz ... Kane Blueriver
Larissa Wolcott ... Millie Feria Nocturne
Jessica Schwartz ... Canal Volfield
Bill Wise ... Rail Claymore
Camille Chen ... Nina Mercury
Directed by: Takashi Watanabe
Produced by: Noriko Kobayashi, Kazuto Imanishi and Yumiko Yazaki
Executive Producers: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
Musical Score by: Osamu Tezuka
Writing Credits: Go Tamai and Shoichi Sato
Based on: Lost Universe manga by Hajime Kanzaka and Shoko Yoshinaka
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