animated series Loonatics Unleashed © Warner Bros.
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Loonatics Unleashed

In the year 2772, a meteor strikes the city planet of Acmetropolis; knocking it off its axis. This cosmic event releases supernatural forces unleashing a new kind of hero… the Loonatics. -- Show Intro

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Lame, lame lame. It's a shame: Warner were mostly responsible for the early 90's revival of TV animation, but by 2005 their golden age wasn't just over, it was...
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I was shocked, surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard about it on The internet. I've watched this show and frankly I find it awesome! Now...
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A show that has been surrounded by controversy from the very start. Even since it was first announced in fact, more so than even the Duck Dodgers series; a series...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Charlie Schlatter ... Ace Bunny
Jason Marsden ... Danger Duck
Jessica Di Cicco ... Lexi Bunny
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Tech E. Coyote
Rob Paulsen ... Rev Runner
Matt Davidson ... Slam Tasmanian
Candi Milo ... Zodavia
Featuring guest appearances by:
Charles Adler ... Optimatus
Joe Alaskey ... Sylth Vester
Dee Bradley Baker ... Otto the Odd
Jeff Bennett ... Colonel Trench
Kaley Cuoco ... Paula Hayes
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Massive
Florence Henderson ... Mallory Casey
Maurice LaMarche ... Ice Cream Vendor
Phil LaMarr ... Drake Sypher
Khary Payton ... General Deuce
Simon Templeman ... Dr. Dare
Billy West ... Electro J. Fudd
Directed by: Dan Fausett
Produced by: Emory Myrick
Executive Producers: Sander Schwartz
Writing Credits: Steve Cuden, Stephen Sustarsic, Vinny Montello, Chris Brown, Rick Copp, Steven Kriozere, Jack Monaco and Chris Painter
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Season 1
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