animated cartoon Leroy and Stitch © Disney
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Leroy and Stitch

Wrapping up Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Stitch and the aliens are being rewarded for their hard work rounding up all 625 wayward experiments with the opportunity to settle somewhere where they will truly belong. Before this can happen though, the gang finds themselves battling the evil Hamsterviel who has escaped prison and forced Jumbaa to create Stitch's evil twin, Leroy. To make matters worse, Hamsterviel has cloned Leroy to make an entire army of dangerous little mischief-makers...

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rated it:
Well, it was kind of a letdown but it has good stuff in it. I really enjoyed Stitch has a Glitch which gave me hope for this movie. But watching...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Daveigh Chase ... Lilo
Chris Sanders ... Stitch, Leroy
Tia Carrere ... Nani
David Ogden Stiers ... Jumbaa
Kevin McDonald ... Pleakley
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Captain Gantu
Jeff Bennett ... Dr. Hämsterviel
Tara Strong ... Angel (Experiment 624)
Rob Paulsen ... Experiment 625
Zoe Caldwell ... the Grand Councilwoman
Ving Rhames ... Cobra Bubbles
Liliana Mumy ... Myrtle Edmonds
Executive Producers: Jess Winfield
Writing Credits: Robert Gannaway and Jess Winfield
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