animated series Last Exile © Victor Entertainment Inc. / G.D.H. / Gonzo
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Last Exile

In a world that looks like the 19th century with anti-gravity devices, Claus and Lavie are pilot and co-ilot of a 'vanship', and act as messengers for The Guild. The pilots become involved with a mysterious mission after rescuing a little girl from a strange, star-shaped killing machine. Not willing to let the girl die, they complete the mission to deliver her to the mysterious mercenery ship 'Sylvania', only to become part of the crew as fighter pilots.

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‘Last Exile’ gave me a whole new perspective on anime: 90 degrees. I recently bought a 19” portable DVD player and, finding it rather larger than I’d forseen, stuck it...
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I admit, I put off watching this series for about three years until this past summer when I finally decided to check it out. I was absolutely enamored. While it...
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Claus and Lavie are orphans who have been together since childhood. Piloting the vanship their fathers shared, they work as messengers--until Claus accepts a mission from a dying pilot,...
Created by: Victor Entertainment Inc., G.D.H., Gonzo
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Mayumi Asano ... Claus Valca
Tomoe Hanba ... Lucciola
Eri Kitamura ... Tatiana Wisla
Natsuko Kuwatani ... Alistia Agrew
Shinichirô Miki ... Mullin Shetland
Toshiyuki Morikawa ... Alex Roe
Junko Noda ... Dio Eraclea
Chiwa Saito ... Lavie Head
Anna Shiraki ... Alvis E. Hamilton
Wakana Yamazaki ... Sofia Forrester
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Johnny Yong Bosch ... Claus Valca
Kari Wahlgren ... Lavie Head
Crispin Freeman ... Alex Row
Steven Jay Blum ... Vincent Arthai
Julie Anne Taylor ... Sophia Forrester
Michelle Ruff ... Tatiana Wisla, Alvis E. Hamilton
Philece Sampler ... Alister Agrew
Joshua Seth ... Dio Eraclea
Mona Marshall ... Luciola
Kirsty Pape ... Queen Delphine
Dave Wittenberg ... Mullin Shetland
Beau Billingslea ... Godwin
Tony Oliver ... Ethan
Kirk Thornton ... Kostabi, Ralph Wednesday, Hamilkar Valca,
Michael McConnohie ... Gale, Prime Minister Marius, Duke Nowels
Bob Papenbrook ... Duke David Mad-thane
Tony Pope ... Mad-thane's Chief Of Staff, Emperor Of Anatoray
Jamieson Price ... Walker
Melodee Spevack ... Fat Chicken
Dave Mallow ... Sunny Boy
Mia Lee ... Narrator, Lady Mad-thane
Directed by: Kôichi Chigira, Kristi Reed and Eric P. Sherman
Executive Producers: Hideki Goto
Writing Credits: Gonzo
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