animated series Krypto the Superdog © Warner Bros.
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Krypto the Superdog

When Kal-El was sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton, Superman's father initially sent his pet, a super-dog, as a sort of Laika test-pilot. Unfortuntely he gets into some sort of temporal anomaly and lands on Earth decades after Superman, where he is adopted by a boy named Kevin Whitney, who is aware of the superpowers of his pet. Krypto soon embarks on a crusade against the usual nasty things, assisted by other animal superhoeroes, including Streaky (the neighbour's cat) and Bathound (Batman's dog!)

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For those who don't know, Krypto is Superman's dog, though this series does a good job of explaining that. For a kids show, it was OK. I myself had trouble...
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Krypto the Superdog…done after just two seasons. I liked this show, but honestly, I think it would have had so much potential if it had been aimed at a more...
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There was a period of my life (one week in fact) where I was taken ill with the flu, and had to resort to daytime television. There were many different...
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Oh dear, I didn’t have high hopes for this show when I first heard of it, watching the opening titles pretty much killed off any that I still obtained. The...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Samuel Vincent ... Krypto
Brian Drummond ... Streaky
Alberto Ghisi ... Kevin Whitney
Dale Wilson ... Paw Pooch
Michael Daingerfield ... Superman
Trevor Devall ... Hot Dog
Nicole Bouma ... Snooky Wookums
Brian Dobson ... Lex Luthor
Michael Dobson ... Bulldog
Peter Kelamis ... Tail Terrier
Ellen Kennedy ... Brainy Barker
Terry Klassen ... Tusky Husky
Scott McNeil ... Ace the Bathound, Ignatius
Mark Oliver ... Mekanikat
Nicole Oliver ... Kevin's mother
Kelly Sheridan ... Mammoth Mutt
Tabitha St. Germain ... Andrea, Melanie
Directed by: Scott Jeralds
Produced by: Paul Dini and M. Steiner
Executive Producers: Sander Schwartz
Writing Credits: Alan Burnett, John Loy, Ralph Soll, Paul Dini, Phil Harnage, Ken Pontac, Len Uhley, Andy Merrill, Michael Merton, Michael Maler, Bradley Zweig, Matthew Wilson, Corey Powell, Wendell Morris, Bill Matheny and Steven Darancette
Based on: Superman comics by Marvel
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