animated movie Kirikou and the Sorceress © Les Armateurs / Odec Kid Cartoons / Monipoly / France 3 Cinema / R.T.B.F. (Belgian Television) / Studio O / Trans Europe Film / Exposure
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Kirikou and the Sorceress

A little voice is heard from inside the womb of a pregnant woman; "Mother, give birth to me!"
"A child who can speak from his mother's womb can give birth to himself" replies the mother. And so a little boy is born, cuts his umbilical cord and declares: "My name is Kirikou"

The tiny Kirikou is born into an African village upon which a sorceress called Karaba has cast a terrible spell; the spring is dried up, the villagers are being ransomed, and the men of the village have been eaten up by the sorceress. Karaba is a stunning and cruel woman, surrounded by fearless and servile fetishes [enchanted objects]. But no sooner has Kirikou delivered himself from his mother's womb, than he wants to rid the village of Karaba's curse and understand the cause of her wickedness. His adventure-filled voyage leads Kirikou to the forbidden Mountain, where the Wise Man of the Mountain, who know of Karaba and her secrets, awaits him. -- back of the video box

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Kirkou and the Sorceress is a lesser-known French-Belgian animated film based on an African folk tale. The titular character, Kirikou, delivered himself from his mothers womb, and could already speak...
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Ocelot took the bare bones of an African folktale to form Kirikou and the Sorceress; but instead of taking a cue from Disney and fleshing the fairy tale out into...
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rated it:
this is got to be in the top 5 of my fave foreign films.. most of this film has stuff that Disney or maybe even other studios rarely do.. have...
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Kirikou is very much a film with mythic quality. The hero himself, the strange new-born baby with incredible speed and strength, has a questing nature and a focus on...
Created by: Les Armateurs, Odec Kid Cartoons, Monipoly, France 3 Cinema, R.T.B.F. (Belgian Television), Studio O, Trans Europe Film, Exposure
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France / Belgium / Luxembourg
Alternate Title: Kirikou et la sorcière (France)
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Theo Sebeko ... Kirikou
Kombisile Sangweni ... The Mother
Fezele Mpeka ... The Uncle
Antoinette Kellermann ... The Sorceress Karaba
Directed by: Michel Ocelot
Produced by: Didier Brunner, Paul Thiltges and Jacques Vercruyssen
Songs by: Youssou N'Dour
Writing Credits: Michel Ocelot
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