animated series Kirby: Right Back at Ya! © 4 Kids Entertainment / Nintendo Co Ltd
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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Kirby, a young, babyish star warrior, crash lands onto the planet Dreamland. Here the tyrant of a ruler King Dedede is ordering monsters from a corporation called Nightmare Enterprises. Using his natural skills and abilities, Kirby sucks the monsters’ powers up and then uses their own powers against them. His efforts make him an enemy of the king while his bottomless belly and constant eating gets him into trouble with the other folk. The young star warrior has a long way to go before he is anywhere near self-reliant and it falls to Tiff and Tuff: daughter and son of the King’s aid, and Dedede’s greatest warrior Metaknight to protect and teach Kirby how to be a true hero. Yet something far more dangerous than the King is hiding in the background, the source of the monsters: an ancient being called NME. He is using the king as the middle man to send his monsters to destroy Kirby, before the star warrior can threaten him and his plan of galactic dominance.

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Like the popular Pokemon series, Kirby is another video game series that I've known and liked since I played Super Smash Bros since the late 1990's (even though the Kirby...
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Since the creation and overwhelming sucess of the "Nintendo mascot" Super Mario (part of the Super Mario Brothers) almost every other rival company has tried (past or present) to create...
Created by: 4 Kids Entertainment, Nintendo Co Ltd
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Hoshi no Kirby (Japan)
Featuring the voices of:
Makiko Ômoto ... Kirby
Kerry Williams ... Tiff
Kayzie Rogers ... Tuff, Lady Like, Honey
Madeleine Blaustein ... Chef Kawasaki
Darren Dunstan ... Kine the Fish
Dan Green ... NightMare Enterprise Salesman
Tara Jayne ... Fololo, Falala
Kevin Kolack ... Tokkori
Ted Lewis ... Escargoon
Ed Paul ... King Dedede
Mike Pollock ... Mayor Len Blustergas, Samo
Eric Stuart ... Meta Knight, Blade Knight, Gus
Produced by: Michael Haigney
Executive Producers: Norman J. Grossfeld, Alfred Kahn and Gail Tilden
Musical Score by: Manny Corallo, Louis Cortelezzi, Rusty Andrews, Elik Alvarez, Freddy Sheinfeld, Benoit Grey, Pete Scaturro, Larry Seymour, Wayne Sharpe and John Van Tongeren
Writing Credits: Ted Lewis, John Touhey and Michael Haigney
Based on: The videogame series.
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The Kirby Collection (Vol.1-3)
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