animated series Kid vs. Kat © YTV / Jetix Europe / Studio B Productions
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Kid vs. Kat

When his spoiled little sister, Millie, brings home a strange hairless cat, 10-year-old Coop Burtonburger's life will never be the same. Kat, who is actually an alien lifeform, blames Coop for being stuck on Earth and takes great delight in causing havoc for Coop and watching the kid catch all the blame.

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rated it:
This thing has enough originality - _barely_ enough - to avoid 1.5 stars. More than anything it reminds me of Tom and Jerry, but it has the same circularity and...
Created by: YTV, Jetix Europe, Studio B Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Erin Matthews ... Cooper 'Coop' Burtonburger
Kathleen Barr ... Mr. Kat, Millie Burtonburger
Cathy Weseluck ... Dennis
Trevor Devall ... Burt Burtonburger
Linda Sorenson ... Old Lady Munson
Series Created by: Rob Boutilier
Directed by: Rob Boutilier and Josh Mepham
Produced by: Jaimie Turner
Executive Producers: Blair Peters
Musical Score by: Hal Beckett
Writing Credits: Rob Boutilier, Louise Moon and Shane Simmons
profile by: athena