animated movie Jungledyret Hugo © A. Film A/S / Per Holst Filmproduktion
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Jungledyret Hugo

Hugo is a rare animal – possibly the last of his kind – who enjoys a carefree existence in the jungle with his monkey friends Zig and Zag; however, his lazy, idyllic lifestyle is about to change forever. He is captured by film producer Conrad Cupmann, whose star and wife: the vain Izabella Dehavalot, wants a cute animal to co-star in her next picture. Escaping, Hugo ends up in a Banana plantation and is accidentally shipped to Denmark. Befriending the ship’s cook Meatball Charlie, he arrives in Copenhagen, where Charlie entrusts him to the city zoo. Escaping there when the millionaire tries to recapture him, Hugo finds himself lost in the alien world of the urban jungle. Hugo needs a friend and finds one in the form of Rita, a young and streetwise vixen who he first met at the zoo.

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This is maybe one of the most successful attempts to "rip-off" the Disney asthetic and way of storytelling. Luckily, JUNGLEDYRET doesn't feels like a copycat. It recalls many of the...
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Jungledyret Hugo – which roughly translates as Hugo the Jungle animal – is a good example of entertaining animation. It even survives that bane of foreign films in that its...
Created by: A. Film A/S, Per Holst Filmproduktion
Language: English dub / Danish
Country of Origin: Denmark
Alternate Titles: Amazon Jack, Go Hugo Go (USA), Jungle Jack
[ Danish ] Featuring the voices of:
Jesper Klein ... Hugo, Dellekaj
Kaya Brüel ... Rita
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Bronson Pinchot ... Hugo
Holly Gauthier-Frankel ... Rita
Mark Camacho ... Conrad Cupmann
Susan Glover ... Izabella Dehavalot
Marcel Jeannin ... Meatball Charlie
Terrence Scammell ... Zig
Rick Jones ... Zag
Musical Score by: Anders Koppel and Hans-Henrik Ley
Writing Credits: Flemming Quist Møller
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English dub - First and Second Film
profile by: starlac