animated movie Jungle Emperor Leo © Tezuka Productions
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Jungle Emperor Leo

'Somewhere in East Africa lives a white lion named Leo (Kimba grown up), ruler of the jungle. Leo lives happily with his wife, Lyre (Kitty grown up), and their two children, Lune and Lukio.

All is peaceful until one day when a ruthless mercenary and his group come to the jungle in search of the 'moonlight stones'. Only concerned with making money, the humans have absolutely no regard for the animals they encounter.

The animals quite naturally are opposed to the intruders storming their jungle. At the same time, a highly contagious disease sweeps through the jungle.' -- from

see also: Kimba the White Lion (TV Series) and Leo the Lion (TV Series)
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I'm sorry to contradict the review of Inkwolf here, but if this theatrical version of Kimba stands up over the already dated series, that's because it's everything except "kiddie". Not...
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What really strikes you as you begin watching this film are the similarities between JEL and The Lion King. The plots do diverge reasonably quickly, though. But frankly, Jungle Emperor...
Created by: Tezuka Productions
Language: English subtitled / English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Janguru taitei (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Yoshiko Ohta ... Leo
Sumi Shimamoto ... Leo's mother
Kappei Yamaguchi ... Kesor
Directed by: Takao Takeuchi
Writing Credits: Osamu Tezuka
Based on: Original manga by Osamu Tezuka

animated movie Jungle Emperor Leo © Tezuka ProductionsIronically, some people when seeing this film believe it to be a rip-off of 'The Lion King', though the 1997 colour promotional image shown here is obviously based on the last frame of Tezuka's manga from 1950.

To clear up any confusion, this is Kimba grown up. He looks just like his father did in the original 'Kimba' TV series, and his son, Lune, looks just like Kimba in the TV series.

Tezuka did make a movie in 1966 titled 'Jungle Emperor', but it has never been seen outside Japan, seems not to be available in any form, and was probably set in the original 'Kimba as a cub' period (it may in fact just consist of episodes of the TV series)

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