animated series John Callahan's Quads © Nelvana / SBS Independent / Animation Works
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John Callahan's Quads

Party-going alcoholic Reilly is rendered paralysed when run down by a Mort, a rich, snobbish lawyer. As part of his settlement Reilly acquires 'Maimed Manor' - a crumbling mansion right next door to the mortified Mort. After quitting the booze so his friends can stand him, he moves in here with Fontaine - a blind black man who is tone-deaf, Blazer - a relentlessly lewd head on a skateboard, and Lefty - a former masseur with hooks for hands. Soon joining the household are Reilly's gay Australian physical therapist, and Franny, his hippy girlfriend.

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Quads is a series which would be in pretty bad taste, if not for the fact that creator John Callahan was rendered quadrapeligc in in auto accident, just like Reilly,...
Created by: Nelvana, SBS Independent, Animation Works
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / Australia
Alternate Title: Quads
Featuring the voices of:
James Kee ... Reilly
Cliff Saunders ... Blazer
Paul Haddad ... Lefty
Matthew King ... Spalding (2001-2002)
Mark Trevorrow ... Spalding (2002-2003)
Maurice Dean Wint ... Fontaine
Terri Hawkes ... Franny
Hamish Hughes ... Griz
Marvin Kaye ... Mort Bromberg
Diane Fabian ... Liz Bromberg
Linda Kash ... Deborah Golden
Corinne Conley ... Sister Butch
Executive Producers: Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, Michael Hirsh, John Callahan, Judy Malmgren, John Tatoulis and Deborah Levin
Writing Credits: Hugh Duffy, Ken Cuperus, Stephen French, Andrea Gillies, Jeremy Hotz, Brendan Luno, Andrew Nicholls, John Pellatt, Jennifer Pertsch, Al Schwartz, Kenn Scott, Dan Signer, Todd Thicke, Darrell Vickers, Vito Viscomi and Anthony Watt

animated series John Callahan's Quads © Nelvana / SBS Independent / Animation WorksCreator and cartoonist John Callahan was paralysed in a car accident at age 21. Reilly is generally considered his alter-ego.

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