animated movie Jetsons: The Movie © Hanna-Barbera
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Jetsons: The Movie

Spacely's orbiting Sprocket Factory has had nothing but problems since its opening and after yet another Supervisor has fled the scene, Mr. Spacely is desperately seeking a replacement... someone who isn't too smart, someone he can intimidate, someone expendable... the answer, of course, is George Jetson! Mr. Spacely promotes George to vice president and ships the Jetson family off to their new home on the orbiting platform. Not everyone is keen on the move--Judy misses her boyfriend, Elroy misses his spaceball team--but there's people to meet, adventure to be had and the mystery of the malfunctioning Sprocket Factory to be solved!

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I was never too big of a fan for original Jetsons TV show in the first place,they were like the Flintstones but less funny. Jane Jetson didn't have that spark...
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edit, 08/07: lost it's last half star I'd had this sitting about on VHS for about 9 months, but hadn't been bored enough to watch it. I hope that doesn't mean...
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Jetsons: The Movie to me was a really enjoyable film. There were a few problems I had with it but nothing too serius. The story was an interesting one from...
Created by: Hanna-Barbera
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
George O'Hanlon ... George Jetson
Penny Singleton ... Jane Jetson
Tiffany ... Judy Jetson
Patric Zimmerman ... Elroy Jetson
Don Messick ... Astro
Jean Vanderphyl ... Rosie the Robot
Mel Blanc ... Mr. Spacely
Ronnie Schell ... Rudy 2
Patti Deutsch ... Lucy 2
Dana Hill ... Teddy 2
Rick Dees ... Rocket Rick
Paul Kreppel ... Apollo Blue
Russi Taylor ... Fergie Furbelow
Directed by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Produced by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Musical Score by: Mark Mancina and John Debney
Songs by: Steve Kempster
Writing Credits: Eric Luke

animated movie Jetsons: The Movie © Hanna-BarberaThe Jetsons Movie sets itself apart from an army of TV spin-off movies with the musical segment "You and Me." Its surreal images and animation is a complete departure from the 60s Jetson-style used throughout the rest of the film. This part will surprise you with the sheer force of its originality and you'll find it hard to believe it's part of the same movie.

This was to be George O'Hanlon's final role. Having played the voice of George Jetson since 1962, he died in 1989 before the film was released.

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