animated movie Jason and the Argonauts © Columbia Pictures / Morningside Worldwide S.A.
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Jason and the Argonauts

According to the gods, after Pelias takes the throne of Thessaly, he will be overthrown by one of the children of the true king. So to prevent this fate Pelias attempts to slaughter them; he succeeds in killing the daughters, but misses the son Jason. Upon reaching adulthood, Jason embarks on a quest to reclaim his rightful throne, soon he meets and saves, but doesn’t recognise Pelias. His nemesis tells him that to obtain his goal he must assemble a crew of the finest men in Greece and sail to Colchis, to find the legendary Golden Fleece. On board the ship Argonaut they are joined by Hercules and protected by Hera, Queen of the gods herself: yet many dangers await them on such a perilous voyage and Hera may only help them thrice.

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(4) stars because it is a classic. 1963 FILM - Subject - Greek Mythology - The leader of the Argonauts in quest of the Golden Fleece. With the special effects...
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After a lot of behind the scenes talking and discussion about whether the films with Ray Harryhausen’s animation talent should be put up on Keyframe’s database of animated films or...
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According to Tom Hanks, this is the greatest movie ever made. If that ain't enough reason... Just kidding, Hanks is sort of an idiot, but this is a great movie....
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One of the finest of the Harryhausen creations, Jason and the Argonauts is a charming look into the world of Greek mythology. It is the classic story of the hero...
Created by: Columbia Pictures, Morningside Worldwide S.A.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK
Alternate Title: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Featuring live-action actors:
Todd Armstrong ... Jason
Nancy Kovack ... Medea
Gary Raymond ... Acastus
Laurence Naismith ... Argos
Niall MacGinnis ... Zeus
Michael Gwynn ... Hermes
Douglas Wilmer ... Pelias
Jack Gwillim ... King Aeetes
Honor Blackman ... Hera
John Cairney ... Hylas
Patrick Troughton ... Phineas
Andrew Faulds ... Phalerus
Nigel Green ... Hercules
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Produced by: Charles H. Schneer
Musical Score by: Bernard Herrmann
Writing Credits: Beverley Cross and Jan Read
Art Directors: Jack Maxsted, Antonio Sarzi-Braga and Herbert Smith
Supervising / Directing Animators: Ray Harryhausen
Based on: Greek mythology

animated movie Jason and the Argonauts © Columbia Pictures / Morningside Worldwide S.A.The skeleton battle, that lasts for about three mintues of screen time, took Ray Harryhausen almost four months to complete. Also the skeleton's shields have designs of various other monsters that Harryhausen had designed for other films.

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