animated series Jane and the Dragon © Nelvana / Weta Productions
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Jane and the Dragon

Jane's supposed to be training to become a lady-in-waiting at the castle but instead she's set her sights on becoming a knight in the King's Guard. Nobody believes that a girl can be a knight, but lucky for her, Jane has a fire-breathing dragon as her best friend.

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rated it:
The animation is jerky, the dialogue can be stilted, the strange texture that covers everything can be tiring to the eyes, and some of the characters look downright weird. I love...
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rated it:
If you're going to animate, animate! Motion capture is not animation! Furthermore, why do some of the characters look like they have no muscles keeping them up whatsoever? Jane looks...
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rated it:
A fantastic animation series. The stories are funny, sad, touching and well written. I've only just discovered it on Channel Five (UK) and already it's a favourite. The characterisation is...
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rated it:
I think its a cool show. The MOTION CAPTURE was good, and Dragon? He's ok...he's not exactly how they look. By the way, I'm making a movie with tons of...
Created by: Nelvana, Weta Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / New Zealand
Featuring the voices of:
Tajja Isen ... Jane
Adrian Truss ... Dragon
Directed by: Mike Fallows
Based on: the books by Martin Baynton

The first television production for Weta who are best known for their superior feature film production design and animation such as in the "Lord of the Rings", "King Kong" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".

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