animated cartoon It's a Lovely Day © Gaumont British Animation
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It's a Lovely Day

Ginger Nut is looking forward to having a nice period of quiet time: alone. Unfortunately he is spotted by the very trio of trouble makers he wanted to avoid: forest lay-a-bouts Corny Crow, Dusty Mole and Loopy Hare, who after discovering he is of fishing, want to go with him. After Ginger angrily turns them away, the red squirrel proceeds with his fishing, as yet unaware of the fact that the trio are planning mischief at his expense.

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At first I have never heard of the "Animaland" cartoons; nor that David Hand, the director of Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Bambi" maded these...
Created by: Gaumont British Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Directed by: Bert Felstead
Produced by: David Hand
Musical Score by: Henry Reed
Writing Credits: Pete Griffiths and R.A.G. 'Nobby' Clark

animated cartoon It's a Lovely Day © Gaumont British AnimationAfter the infamous Disney strike of the 1940ís, David Hand was offered a job in Britain by film producer J. Arthur Rank, owner and founder of the Rank Organization. Once there he set about making the Animaland series of short cartoons. Due to international competition, especially with pressure from the big guns of Hollywood, the series turned out to be short lived.

After the Rank Organization closed its animation department, copies of these films were thought lost for fifty years outside of the UK and Europe, where you could get copies on 8mm of some if you knew where to look and a video containing four shorts was also released. This was until a Californian film archivist found nine of the shorts in a mass of film footage. Turning the films over to film and animation historian Leonard Maltin, and with the permission of Handís son (who retained the copyright of the films), the films were digitally re-mastered and were released onto DVD.

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