animated series Inspector Gadget © Nelvana / MK Productions / DIC (us) / Field Communications / France 3
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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is a clueless trenchcoat-wearing, super-cop equipped with a seemingly endless array of contraptions and devices which are usually intergrated into his own body (for instance, telescopic limbs). His neverending mission is to thwart the world domination plans of Dr. Claw and his sinister worldwide organisation M.A.D. He gets his assignments from the long suffering Chief Quimby, who is always disguised as a potplant or hiding in an oven or somesuch, and who Gadget inevitably manages to unwittingly blow up in each episode. Though the Inspector always saves the day and comes away with the credit, the real crime-fighting action comes from his niece Penny, equipped with her 'computer book', and dog Brain, a master of disguise. Between them they manage to save Gadget from himself and solve the case, behind the scenes.

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DICís history is a chequered one to be sure, more so during the eighties, but this was one of their better shows. With so many cartoons at the time being...
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I basically agree with most of what Lupercal said about Inspector Gadget. The series, unlike most cartoon shows in the 1980's, was more then just a toy commerical. All the...
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Though it's probably 15 years since I've even seen it (and I've never seen the live action movie), I have a soft spot for Inspector Gadget. To appreciate how this...
Created by: Nelvana, MK Productions, DIC (us), Field Communications, France 3
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada / France
Alternate Title: Inspecteur Gadget (France)
Featuring the voices of:
Don Adams ... Inspector Gadget
Cree Summer ... Penny (1983-84)
Holly Berger ... Penny (1985-86)
Maurice LaMarche ... Chief Quimby (1985-86)
Hadley Kay ... Chief Quimby (1983-84)
Frank Welker ... Brain, Dr. Claw, M.A.D. Cat
Featuring guest appearances by:
Dan Hennesey ... M.A.D. Agents
Directed by: Bruno Bianchi
Produced by: Jean Chalopin and Andy Heyward
Executive Producers: Tetsuo Katayama
Musical Score by: Haim Saban and Shuki Levi

Maurice LaMarche's first credited voice role in a TV series.

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