animated movie Ice Age © Blue Sky
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Ice Age

Set during the Ice Age, a woolly mammoth, a sabre-toothed tiger, and a giant sloth find a human infant and together they try to reunite the baby with his nomadic father.

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rated it:
Well, the key of a movie, in my point of view, is animations; since it is truly the unique asset of movies. Of course, I love the texture and "3Dness"...
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rated it:
FUNNY! I love the scene where they're slidng down the ice. And the sqirrel always cracks me up! Set during... well...the ice age and before wooly mammoths became extinct. Saber-tooths...
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Ice Age was a nice respite from the usual brand of Pixar 3D animations. Don't get me wrong, I love Pixar, but it was nice to see the way they...
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rated it:
A very enjoyable movie, it wasn't quite what I had expected though. Since most of the trailers I'd seen featured only the squirrel, I thought that he would be...
Created by: Blue Sky
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Ray Romano ... Manfred the Mammoth
John Leguizamo ... Sid the Sloth
Denis Leary ... Diego the Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Goran Visnjic ... Soto the Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Jane Krakowski ... Jennifer the Sloth
Lorri Bagley ... Female Sloth
Jack Black ... Zeke
Tara Strong ... Roshan, Start
Cedric the Entertainer ... Rhino
Stephen Root ... Rhino, Start
Diedrich Bader ... Saber-tooth Tiger
Chris Wedge ... Scrat
Directed by: Chris Wedge
Produced by: Lori Forte
Executive Producers: Christopher Meledandri
Musical Score by: David Newman
Writing Credits: Michael Berg, Peter Ackerman and Steve Young

animated movie Ice Age © Blue SkyBlue Sky and Ice Age's director, Chris Wedge, won the Oscar for Best Animated Short (1999) for their film "Bunny".

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