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Homestar Runner

Flash series that relates the everyday life of a dim-witted athlete named Homestar Runner, along with his balloon-like pal Pom Pom, girlfriend Marzipan, arch rival Strong Bad and a host of other local characters.

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One of the best websites ever! Unlike other webtoons, the series is mostly clean. Everybody's favorite feature is Strong Bad Email or Sbemails. There are two hundred and six of...
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Homestar Runner is a web site about both kids and pets. It is a crazy web site. COOL! It is a fan email fun! Two thumbs up! Wow and...
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Imagine a cross between 'Adventure Time' and 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force', then imagine it being done on the cheap in every regard (actually this isn't much different from the above...
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Ahh, Homestar Runner...what can I say? It's one of a kind. It seems so long ago now when I first started hearing Trogdor quotations, and yet they still get passed...
Created by: unknown
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Matt Chapman ... Homestar, Strong Bad, Coach Z, King of Town, Bubs, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Homsar
Missy Palmer ... Marzipan
Series Created by: Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman
Directed by: Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman
Writing Credits: Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman
Animated by: Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman
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