holiday animation Here comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie © Classic Media
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Here comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie

In an attempt to teach his son some responsibility, Peter Cottontail assigns Peter Junior to clean the Clock of Spring.

Jackie Frost (the apparent heir of Jack Frost) hates it when her handiwork melts. In cahoots with Irontail, she steals the spring of the Clock of Spring, then goes on to do the same for the clocks of Summer and Fall, so that winter will never end.

Peter Junior must travel to Winter Ridge (making a few friends along the way) and face the villains so that spring--and Easter--can return to April Valley.

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I was pretty much expecting an exploitative mess from this movie, but it isn't. It's cute and fun, with a lot of quite attractive set and character design (I...
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I had taped this movie, when it premiered on TV on CBC (on Easter Sunday of course), and I was quite surprised with the excellent CGI animation...
Created by: Classic Media
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Peter Cottontail: The Movie
Featuring the voices of:
Tom Kenny ... Peter Cottontail/Junior/Antoine
Chrisopher Lloyd ... Seymour S. Sassafras
Roger Moore ... January Q. Irontail
Molly Shannon ... Jackie Frost
Kenan Thompson ... Flutter
Miranda Cosgrove ... Munch
David Koechner ... Elroy / Wind
Jill Talley ... Mama Cottontail/Little Girl's Mother
Niecy Nash ... Mama Robin
Greg Berg ... Montresor
Terri Douglas ... Sophie
Dee Bradley Baker ... Chunk
Pat Fraley ... Chipmunk/Dad Mouse/Hawk
Jason Harris ... Bee/Worker Bunny
Directed by: Mark Gravas
Produced by: Ralph Guggenheim, Evan Baily, Sandra Walters and Nickole Kerner-Bobley
Executive Producers: Eric Ellenbogen
Musical Score by: Magnus Fiennes
Writing Credits: Kirk De Micco, Jenny Tripp and Evan Gore
Art Directors: Suzanne White
Based on: Sequel to the 1971 Rankin/Bass Here Comes Peter Cottontail

holiday animation Here comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie © Classic MediaStrangely, Antoine has gone back to being a caterpillar. I suppose that's the sort of thing that happens to you if you mess around too much with time travel...

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