animated movie Help! I'm a Fish © A. Film A/S
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Help! I'm a Fish

Three kids, Fly, Chuck and Stella, trapped by the rising tide; accidentally discover the lab of an eccentric professor working on a potion to turn people into fish to help with overcrowding. While he shows them around his lab young Stella mistakes the potion for lemonade and drinks it, turning into a starfish. Fly, thinking her a real starfish throws into the ocean. Realizing their mistake, Fry and Chuck drink the potion and head in the ocean’s depths to find her; but if they don’t retrieve and drink the antidote to the formula in 24 hours, they will remain fish forever. Unfortunately the antidote makes fish smarter and is in the fins of Joe, a cleaner fish who is intent on domination of the oceans.

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Help! I'm a Fish (or A Fish Tale, as I found it) surprised me. Often, when I have low expectations of a film, I enjoy it, and this is...
Created by: A. Film A/S
Language: English / Danish
Country of Origin: Germany / Ireland / Denmark
Alternate Titles: Hjælp, jeg er en fisk (Denmark), A Fish Tale (USA)
Featuring the voices of:
Jeff Pace ... Fly
Aaron Paul ... Chuck
Michelle Westerson ... Stella
Alan Rickman ... Joe
Terry Jones ... Professor MacKrill
Louise Fribo ... Sasha
David Bateson ... Shark, Crab
Directed by: Stefan Fjeldmark, Michael Hegner and Greg Manwaring
Produced by: Russell Boland, Eberhard Junkersdorf and Anders Mastrup
Executive Producers: Gerry Shirren, Christoph Sieciechowicz and Harro von Have
Musical Score by: Søren Hyldgaard
Writing Credits: Stefan Fjeldmark, Tracy J. Brown, Karsten Kiilerich and John Stefan Olsen
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