animated movie Heavy Traffic © Bakshi Productions
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Heavy Traffic

In this quasi-autobiographical movie, Michael is a young man obsessed with cartoons and animation, living in New York with his over-protective Jewish mother, and Italian mobster father. He falls for a black woman who works in a local bar, and moves into the room above the bar. The film follows their relationship and the various characters who interconnect with it.

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Though, I usually watched family-oriented animated films; but I guess, I am like wholesome vs taboo. I first encountered Ralph Bakshi's films when I was a teenager;...
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I remember when I first went to this site and clicked on this title when I read the country of orgin , I was shocked, the US???. Its kind of...
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(edit, 6/2011: Upgraded this from 3.5 to 4.) Ralph Bakshi's second feature film 'Heavy Traffic', is possibly his best. I have a personal preference for 'Wizards', but if I'm feeling like...
Created by: Bakshi Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Joseph Kaufmann ... Michael
Beverly Hope Atkinson ... Carole
Frank DeKova ... Angie
Terri Haven ... Ida
Mary Dean Lauria ... Molly
Jacqueline Mills ... Rosalyn
Lillian Adams ... Rosa
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Steve Krantz and Samuel Z. Arkoff
Musical Score by: Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin
Writing Credits: Ralph Bakshi

Originally rated X. Re-edited for R-rating.

At one stage, Bakshi bailed out, and Chuck Jones was approached to take over. He supposedly declined out of respect for Bakshi, who eventually returned.

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