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Gundam Wing

In the distant future, mankind has colonized the stars but the military power of the Alliance of Earth is a brutal force upon the colonies. After the assassination of pacifist, Heero Yuy, five scientists of the Organization of the Zodiac (OZ) turn rogue after completing the mobile suit prototype Tallgeese. The disaffected scientists plot revenge upon OZ for the assassination and plan to strike back through an offensive dubbed "Operation Meteor". With the help of five teenage boys, each chosen by a scientist for their own specially designed Gundam mobile suit, they plan to rid the Alliance of its most powerful weapons and free the colonies from its rule.

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Created by: Sunrise, Sotsu Agency, TV Asahi
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Titles: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (USA), Shin kidô senki Gundam W (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Hikaru Midorikawa ... Heero Yuy
Toshihiko Seki ... Duo Maxwell
Shigeru Nakahara ... Trowa Barton
Ai Orikasa ... Quatre Raberba Winner
Ryuzou Ishino ... Chang Wufei
Ryoutarou Okiayu ... Treize Khushrenada
Takehito Koyasu ... Zechs Merquise
Chisa Yokoyama ... Lucrezia Noin
Sayuri Yamauchi ... Lady Une
Akiko Yajima ... Relena Darlian
Yumi Touma ... Sally Po
Saori Suzuki ... Catherine Bloom
Kae Araki ... Hilde Schbeiker
Hiroshi Ishida ... Howard
Osamu Kato ... Duke Dermail
Naoko Matsui ... Dorothy Catalonia
Minoru Inaba ... Doctor J.
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Mark Hildreth ... Heero Yuy
Scott McNeil ... Duo Maxwell
Kirby Morrow ... Trowa Barton
Brad Swaile ... Quatre Raberba Winner
Ted Cole ... Chang Wufei
David Kaye ... Treize Khushrenada
Brian Drummond ... Zechs Merquise
Saffron Henderson ... Lucrezia Noin
Enuka Okuma ... Lady Une
Lisa Ann Beley ... Relena Darlian
Moneca Stori ... Sally Po, Catherine Bloom
Samantha Ferris ... Sally Po (ep. 20-49)
Cathy Weseluck ... Dorothy Catalonia, Catherine Bloom (ep. 35-49)
Marcy Goldberg ... Hilde Schbeiker
Ward Perry ... Howard
Jim Byrnes ... Duke Dermail
Dave Ward ... Doctor J.
Directed by: Masashi Ikeda
Produced by: Ken Iyadomi, Masuo Ueda, Hideyuki Tomioka, Charles McCarter, Yoshiaki Koizumi and Rika Davis
Executive Producers: Ken Iyadomi
Musical Score by: Kô Ohtani
Writing Credits: Katsuyuki Sumizawa

Released on the Cartoon Network in the US in 2000 under the title "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing".

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