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Gummi Bears

In a time of knights, castles, dragons and dukes, the Gummi Bears live together in their forest home of Gummi Glen. Although they try to stay out of sight from humans, they are good friends with young Cavin and Princess Calla. Duke Igthorn and his ogres also know about the Gummi Bears and they are always out trying to catch the little bears. There's no shortage of adventure or magic in the lives of the Gummies but their secret Gummi Berry juice keeps them one bounce ahead of trouble--most of the time anyways.

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I love this series from Disney, and also fantasy is my top genre. And since it was made in 1985, I am staring to love movies and...
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The Walt Disney Company was no stranger to television, having created things like the Mickey Mouse Club and Davy Crockett during the fifties and so-on. However Club had mostly been...
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While on the surface, purely a kiddie show, Gummi Bears has lots of plot variety and interesting situations. The Gummi Bears are the last remainder of a magical race...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Corey Burton ... Gruffi, Toadwort
Paul Winchell ... Zummi (1985-1989)
Jim Cummings ... Zummi (1990-)
June Foray ... Grammi
Lorenzo Music ... Tummi
Rob Paulsen ... Gusto
Katie Leigh ... Sunni
Noelle North ... Princess Calla, Cubbi
Christian Jacobs ... Cavin (1985)
Brett Johnson ... Cavin (1986)
David Faustino ... Cavin (1987)
Jason Marsden ... Cavin (1988-1990)
R.J. Williams ... Cavin (1990-1991)
Michael Rye ... Duke Igthorn, King Gregor
Tress MacNeille ... Lady Bane
Will Ryan ... Gad, Zook, Unwin, ogres
Directed by: David Block and Art Vitello
Produced by: Art Vitello
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