animated movie Gulliver's Travels © Paramount Pictures / Fleischer Studios
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Gulliver's Travels

A loose adaptation of the 'Lilliput' part of Swift's novel, this movie finds Gulliver washed ashore and unconscious on the beach at Lilliput while its 'King Little' is engaged in an argument with King Bombo of Blefuscu, over which national anthem should be played at their son and daughter's wedding. Gulliver eventually gets drawn into a war between the two nations, with each side seeing him as the key to victory.

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I love animation from the Fleischer Studios, along with Disney, Rankin/Bass, Hanna/Barbera and Studio Ghibli from Japan. I thought this is a excellent film, and beautifully animated. My...
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It looks like I'm in the minority on this one, but watching a rotoscoped Gulliver wandering about whittling things and saying "My, my!" while the Lilliputans rush around ...
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Gulliver's Travels....I generally quibble over movies-based-on-books which have little or nothing to do with the book. But though the plot has been terribly altered, the essential basis of Gulliver's...
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I love this movie! I remember this was one of the first animated movies I owned or even saw really. For the time it was made the animation...
Created by: Paramount Pictures, Fleischer Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Sam Parker ... Gulliver
Pinto Colvig ... Gabby
Jessica Dragonette ... Princess Glory (singing voice)
Lanny Ross ... Prince David (singing voice)
Jack Mercer ... King Little
Directed by: David Fleischer
Produced by: Max Fleischer
Musical Score by: Ralph Rainger and Victor Young
Songs by: Al Neiburg, Winston Sharples and Sammy Timberg
Writing Credits: Dan Gordon, Cal Howard, Tedd Pierce, Edmond Seward and Izzy Sparber

Produced by Fleischer Studios, who had already considerable cinematic successes in the 20's with 'Popeye' and 'Betty Boop' shorts, 'Gulliver' was produced in response to 'Snow White', which is the only Disney feature pre-dating it.

The film has fallen into the Public Domain and as such recordings of it tend to fluctuate across the board wildly. The Blu-ray edition of the film is a case-in-point, being a washed-out, edge-enhanced, stretched-to-widescreen travesty of a release that looks even worse than some of the film's DVD releases. For more information about the Blu-Ray version, please see Animated Views' review.

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