animated series Gigantor © TCJ Animation Center / Delphi Associates Inc.
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Bigger than big. Stronger than strong. Gigantor is a remote controlled robot that young Jimmy uses to combat evil.

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rated it:
This show is hilarious. I like the theme song..."Gigaaaantooor!" It gets stuck in your head. Maybe I don't like the theme song. There's not much to say. The profile pretty much...
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This fossil comes on reeeeally late at night on Adult Swim. Lord knows why I stay up that late just to watch cartoons. Sometimes these old animes are worth watching...
Created by: TCJ Animation Center, Delphi Associates Inc.
Language: English subtitled / English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Featuring the voices of:
Billy Lou Watt ... Jimmy Sparks
Gilbert Mack ... Dick Strong
Ray Owens ... Inspector Blooper
profile by: Toonboy