animated series Gerald McBoing Boing © Cookie Jar Entertainment
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Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing has a long history. Originally an Oscar-winning short by UPA in 1950, co-written by Dr Suess based on his own character, and co-produced by Bill Scott, later of 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' fame. A series of shorts followed, and eventually a short-lived TV series in the late 1950's. Almost fifty years later, it was revived as a second TV series in 2005.

Gerald speaks only in sound effects (most characteristically 'boing boing'), but the new series expands things to include a speaking family and friends, as well as a belching dog. Typically the show takes place in a series of discrete segments, often narrated in Dr-Seussian rhyming couplets. The emphasis is on showing how somebody 'different' can lead a normal social life.

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After an critically acclaimed but viewer short series during the fifties (the cancellation of which signaled one more ring on the deathtoll of UPA's final days) One wonders the mind...
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One of the most excruciatingly annoying things I've ever seen. I don't know if the 1950 short was better - it's hard to imagine, since the screenshots I've seen of...
Created by: Cookie Jar Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Directed by: Robin Budd
Executive Producers: Michael Hirsch, Evan Baily and Lesley Taylor
Musical Score by: Ray Parker
Writing Credits: John Derevlany, Scott Kraft and Alice Prodanou
Based on: Character created by Dr Seuss

Though canceled early, the original TV series was re-run in prime-time, beating The Flintsones by several years as the first animated series broadcast in prime time.

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