animated series Garfield and Friends © Film Roman
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Garfield and Friends

The everyday misadventures of a lazy, fat, orange tabby cat named Garfield; who’s primary interests are eating, sleeping and kicking Odie the housedog off the table. Meanwhile his owner, dim-witted, un-hip, cartoonist Jon Arbuckle tries his luck with the ladies and thanks to his own ineptness and the efforts of his cat, succeeds in failing miserably every time.

Created by: Film Roman
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Lorenzo Music ... Garfield
Gregg Berger ... Odie, Orson, Floyd Mouse
Thom Huge ... Jon Arbuckle, Roy Rooster, Binky the Clown, Gort
Julie Payne ... Dr. Liz Wilson, Lanolin
Howard Morris ... Wade Duck, Wart
Frank Welker ... Bo, Booker, Sheldon, Mort
Desirée Goyette ... Nermal
Produced by: Bob Curtis, Vince Davis, Bob Nesler and George Singer
Executive Producers: Lee Mendelson, Phil Roman and Jim Davis
Musical Score by: Ed Bogas and Desirée Goyette
Writing Credits: Mark Evanier, Jim Davis and Sharman Divono
Based on: Characters created by Jim Davis.

animated series Garfield and Friends © Film RomanThe series also had characters from Jim Davis’ other comic series: U.S. Acres (AKA Orson’s Farm) appearing in segments (one per episode). These were usually separate from the Garfield segments, although at times some bleed would occur between the two.

Garfield and Friends had three very different opening themes during it seven season run: "Friends are There," a song-and-dance number, ran through the first and second seasons. "We’re Ready to Party," an upbeat conga style piece with various clips from the episodes played from the third through to the sixth season. In the USA, the seventh and final season had a rap-based number.*

*Please note that these are not the official titles of the theme songs.

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