animated series Fruits Basket © Studio DEEN
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Fruits Basket

Honda becomes a homeless orphan. Still in high school, she can’t support herself and resorts to camping in the woods. The school jock, Yuki, discovers her plight, and he and his cousin invite Tooru to live with them. Things get complex though, when she discovers that they are 2 of the 12 descendants of the animals in an ancient fable. When they hug or are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they change into the animals from which they descended. Usually, people who discover their secret have their memories erased, but as an exception, Tooru gets to keep her memory as long as she never tells anyone else their secret.

- parts of this synopsis paraphrased from Tetrisnomiko's defunct Fruits Basket page.

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I wish I could give this even more stars... Tohru Honda is an orphan living with her grandfather. When he needs to renovate his house, he asks her to move...
Created by: Studio DEEN
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Yui Horie ... Tôru Honda
Aya Hisakawa ... Yuki Sôma
Tomokazu Seki ... Kyo Sôma
Ryôtarô Okiayu ... Shigure Sôma
Yuka Imai ... Arisa Uotani
Reiko Yasuhara ... Saki Hanajima, Kyoko Honda
Kotono Mitsuishi ... Kagura Sôma
Ayaka Saitoh ... Momiji Sôma
Kazuhiko Inoue ... Hatori Sôma
Yuriko Fuchizaki ... Hiro Souma
Mitsuru Miyamoto ... Ayame Souma
Kaori Nazuka ... Kisa Souma
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Laura Bailey ... Tohru Honda
Eric Vale ... Yuki Sohma
Jerry Jewell ... Kyo Sohma
John Burgmeier ... Shigure Sohma
Daphne Gere ... Saki Hanajima
Parisa Fakhri ... Arisa Uotani
Meredith McCoy ... Kagura Sohma
Kent Williams ... Hatori Sohma
Kimberly Grant ... Momiji Sohma
Julie Mayfield ... Kyoko Honda
Brice Armstrong ... Tohru's Grandfather
E. Bailey ... Momiji's Father, Kyo's Father
Elise Baughman ... Momiji's Mother
Kate Bristol ... Kisa Sohma, Young Yuki
Dameon Clarke ... Kazuma Sohma
Chad Cline ... Akito Sohma
Justin Cook ... Hatsuharu Sohma
Amber Cotton ... Mine Kuramae
Aaron Dismuke ... Young Akito, Hiro Sohma
Kyle Hebert ... Takei
Joshua Huber ... Young Hatsuharu
Sarah Hussey ... Young Ritsu
Bradford Jackson ... Evilman, Motoko's Mother, Kazumas' Grandfather
Jamie Marchi ... Motoko Minagawa
Mike McFarland ... Ritsu Sohma
Stephanie Nadolny ... Ari
Wendy Powell ... Kyo's Mother
Antimere Robinson ... Head Chef
Christopher Sabat ... Ayame
Steve Sanders ... Narrator
Libby Smith ... Minami Kinoshita
Hollie Townson ... Megumi Hanajima
Heaven Tubbs ... Young Kazuma
Avery Williams ... Young Kyo
Directed by: Akitarô Daichi and Nagisa Miyazaki
Produced by: Daniel Cocanougher .
Executive Producers: Gen Fukunaga
Musical Score by: Jun Abe and Seji Mutô
Based on: Fruits Basket manga by Natsuki Takaya

animated series Fruits Basket © Studio DEENJohn Burgmeier, who voiced Shigure in the dub, also did the translation and wrote the English script.

There are two Easter eggs in the US version DVDs. On Discs 1 and 3, go to the Extras menu and enter '10.' On Disc One you will get an audio of the English voice actors making bloopers. On Disc 3, you get an audio which includes more bloopers, the English version of the Serenade song, and the original auditions of Laura Baily and Eric Vale.

In the manga, it's made clear that Momiji's mother is German, and Momiji often expresses himself in German phrases, which accounts for the oompah music they sometimes give him on the anime soundtrack.

The anime covers events up to about Book 8 of the manga. The story continues! As of this writing, Book 14 has just been released in the US...and book 20 has appeared in Japan. By all accounts, the end of the story is near.

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