animated series Freakazoid! © Amblin / Warner Bros.
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Washington D.C. has a new superhero in the form of Freakazoid, the alter-ego of geeky 16-year old Dexter Douglas. Dexter gained his superpowers through a computer bug which instantly downloaded the entire contents of the Internet. As Freakazoid he has enhanced strength and endurance, extraordinary speed, agility and a greatly reduced level of sanity. Using his powers, Freakazoid defends D.C. and the world from his arch-nemesis, The Lobe, and other super-villains.

Created by: Amblin, Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Paul Rugg ... Freakazoid
David Kaufman ... Dexter Douglas
Edward Asner ... Sgt. Mike Cosgrove
Tress MacNeille ... Debbie Douglas, Cobra Queen, Mary Beth
John P. McCann ... Douglas Douglas
Googy Gress ... Duncan Douglas
Craig Ferguson ... Roddy MacStew
Tracy Rowe ... Steff
Ed Gilbert ... Professor Heiney
Jonathan Harris ... Professor Jones
David Warner ... The Lobe
Jeff Bennett ... Cave Guy, Candlejack, Waylon Jeepers, Kid Carrion
Maurice LaMarche ... Longhorn
Ricardo Montalban ... Armondo Guitierrez
Aron Kincaid ... The Nerdator
Richard Moll ... Vorn the Unspeakable
John Schuck ... Arms Akimbo
Jim Cummings ... Janos Ivnovels
Tim Curry ... Dr. Mystico
Joe Leahy ... Our Narrator
Directed by: Rich Arons, Eric Radomski, Dan Riba, Scott Jeralds, Dave Marshall, Jack Heiter, Ronaldo Del Carmen and Turk Flipnutt
Produced by: Steven Spielberg
Executive Producers: Jean MacCurdy
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