animated series Fraggle Rock © Marvel / MK Productions / Jim Henson Productions / YTV
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Fraggle Rock

Deep in holes in our world lie the caverns of Fraggle Rock: where the fraggles sing and dance, frolic and have fun with songs. The industrious dozers busy themselves making their dozer stick constructions, which the fraggles love to eat. And the giant Gorge lords live in the outside world, growing the radishes which the fraggles’ then make raids for. One group of fraggles: adventurous Gobo, excessive, fun loving Red. indecisive Wembly. artist, poet and radish fetcher Mokey and the neurotic pessimist Boober… have adventures as they discover the marvels of the world around them.

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It was a sad day when the Muppet version of Fraggle Rock came to an end; it was a magical affair that oozed the excellence of a typically good Muppet...
Created by: Marvel, MK Productions, Jim Henson Productions, YTV
Language: English / Japanese
Country of Origin: Canada / Japan
Alternate Title: Furagû rokku (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Tôru Furuya ... Boober, Travelling Matt
Aya Hisakawa ... Mokey
Yasuaki Honda ... Gobo
Mika Kanai ... Cotterpin
Katsue Miwa ... Red
Chika Sakamoto ... Wembley
Featuring the voices of:
Bob Bergen ... Wembley
Townsend Coleman ... Gobo, Wrench, Architect
Barbara Goodson ... Red
Mona Marshall ... Mokey, Cotterpin
Patrick Pinney ... Pa Gorge, Travelling Matt, Flange
John Stephenson ... Doc, Philo, Grunge
Produced by: Michael Joens
Executive Producers: Margaret Loesch
Writing Credits: John Semper and Cynthia Friedlob
Based on: The popular muppet series of the same name.

This animated version of Fraggle Rock lasted just one season on NBC’s 1987 Saturday night lineup.

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