holiday animation Fluppy Dogs © Disney
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Fluppy Dogs

Stanley, Ozzie, Tippi, Dink and Bink are a group of fluppies, intelligent dog-like creatures desperately seeking out the interdimensional doorway back home. Winding up on Earth, the five are mistaken for stray dogs and quickly wind up in the pound, where Stanley is adopted by ten-year-old Jamie’s mother. Accidentally revealing his intelligence to Jamie, Stanley asks his new friend to help him recover the rest of the fluppies. However they have other problems, one in the form of Wagstaff, an exotic animal collector and local philanthropist, who is seeking them out to add to his collection; more worringly, the keystone they are using is rapidly running out of power which each new door they unlock.

Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Marshall Efron ... Stanley
Carl Steven ... Jamie Bingham
Cloyce Morrow ... Mrs. Bingham
Hal Smith ... Dink, Haimish
Lorenzo Music ... Ozzie
Jessica Pennington ... Claire
Michael Rye ... Wagstaff
Susan Blu ... Bink, Tippi
Directed by: Fred Wolf
Produced by: Fred Wolf
Musical Score by: Shirley Walker
Writing Credits: Bruce Talkington and Haskell Barkin

Was intended to be a pilot for a new TV series, as Gummi Bears and the Wuzzles ones were, however the pilot failed to gain audience ratings and so the series plans where dropped and Fluppy Dogs was relegated to a TV movie status.

profile by: starlac