animated series Flipper and Lopaka © Yoram Gross / EM TV (Germany)
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Flipper and Lopaka

Set around a beautiful and exotic South Sea island, Flipper befriends a young Polynesian boy called Lopaka when he saves him from drowning. Together with their appealing gang of aquatic friends, Flipper and Lopaka combine their resources to triumph over the evil giant octopus, Dexter. In the second series their idyllic island world is discovered by a scientist and her son who are searching for the lost city of Quetzo. They threaten its environment, its inhabitants and its very existence. Dexter, the arch evil octopus is still causing havoc with his brainless sharks and greedy schemes. Cultures clash when Spike, the city kid, meets Lopaka and his island friends and they all learn about different ways of living. In season 3 Flipper and Lopaka must prevent modern-day pirates from stealing a mystical underwater treasure – ‘Neptune’s Statue’ - and unleashing an ancient curse that could destroy the world. -- from the Yoram Gross website

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The last of the four Yoram Gross TV series, 'Flipper' is probably the least of the bunch (if you don't count season 3 of 'Blinky Bill'). Boasting the same voice...
Created by: Yoram Gross, EM TV (Germany)
Language: English
Country of Origin: Germany / Australia
Alternate Title: Flipper et Lopaka (France)
Featuring the voices of:
Keith Scott ... (main characters)
Robyn Moore ... All female voices
Jamie Oxenbould ... Unknown male voices
Writing Credits: Rachel Spratt
Based on: (in part) on the character from the original live action TV series
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