animated movie Fire and Ice © Polyc International BV / PSO
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Fire and Ice

The evil Queen Juliana and her son, the Ice-lord Nekron, send forth waves of glaciers against the Firekeep, the fortress ruled by the good King Jarol. Humanity flees south in the wake of the glaciers, and Larn, a young warrior who is the only survivor of a destroyed village, swears vengeance against Nekron. Meanwhile, Nekron's sub-human minions capture Jarol's daughter Teegra. She manages to escape, and meets with Larn, who promises to escort her back to Firekeep.

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rated it:
This is another fantasy favorite from Ralph Bakshi, after watching it on YouTube that is. Set in the distant past after the Ice Age, it is a...
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rated it:
What a fun film this was. This 1983 adventure plays out like He-Man for grown ups. The story starts with Nekron, master of ice (there's you titular Ice) and controller...
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What fun! A movie so awful it's a joy to watch--you can't tear your eyes away from it! An evil wizard lord decides he wants to marry a particular princess,...
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I remember being tremendously disappointed with this movie when it came out (well, actually I checked, and the day it came out I was at a Dead Kennedy's concert, so...
Created by: Polyc International BV, PSO
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Randy Norton ... Larn
Cynthia Leake ... Teegra
Steve Sandor ... Darkwolf
Sean Hannon ... Nekron
Leo Gordon ... Jarol
William Ostrander ... Taro
Eileen O'Reill ... Juliana
Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw ... Roleil
Mickey Morton ... Otwa
Tamarah Park ... Tutor
Big Yank ... Monga
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta
Musical Score by: William Kraft

Confusingly, Amazon have only one entry for this film, which they refer to as VHS at the top, and DVD lower down. This can probably be cleared up by going into individual Amazon shops, but I have included an ebay search option as an alternative.

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