animated movie Felidae © Fontana Filmproduktion / Senator Film Produktion GmbH / TFC Trickompany Filmproduktion GmbH
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A feline murder mystery. Francis is a cat, turned feline detective after his owner Gustav moves to a new city. The new premises unsettle Francis. He smells the residue of medical experiments; dried blood. Exploring the house and it's yard Francis soon finds himself a possible friend - Bluebeard, one of the many other cats living in the area. Francis soon works out that something sinister has happened here. He finds the first corpse in the backyard on the day he moves in.

Do the murders have something in common? Bluebeard and Francis try to crack the case.

It turns out that the old house has been a doctor's laboratory, years ago....

(paraphrased from Jammet's site)

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" Aww, look at the pwetty kitt- SWEET MERCIFUL LORD, ARE THOSE ORGANS?!" Yes, woe to the unlucky chaps, and especially the unlucky and unsuspecting children, who may have gone into...
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-Spoilers they be in here- I had heard about this show on a kid's site (Animation Source) and I watched it shortly after. While watching the show, I soon learned that...
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Yes, it's a weird movie; it's also extremely violent and holds a lot of mature themes. But like a lot of reviews pointed out, Felidae it's an interesting and highly...
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The film is intriguing, beautiful, and worth a watch! I adore the character designs (although some cats cease to look like cats because of their builds); I think they're fantastic...
Created by: Fontana Filmproduktion, Senator Film Produktion GmbH, TFC Trickompany Filmproduktion GmbH
Language: English dub / German
Country of Origin: Germany
[ German ] Featuring the voices of:
Ulrich Tukur ... Francis
Mario Adorf ... Bluebeard
Helge Schneider ... Jesaja
Wolfgang Hess ... Kong
Ulrich Wildgruber ... Joker
Mona Seefried ... Felicitas
Manfred Steffen ... Gustav
Uwe Ochsenknecht ... Archie
Michaela Amler ... Nhozemphtekh
Christian Schneller ... Mendel
Tobias Lelle ... Hermann (1)
Frank RŲth ... Hermann (2)
Alexandra Mink ... Pepeline
Klaus Maria Brandauer ... Pascal, Claudandus
Michael Habeck ... Deep Purple
Directed by: Michael Schaack
Produced by: Hanno Huth
Executive Producers: Michael Schaack
Writing Credits: Akif PirinÁci and Martin Kluger
Based on: The novel by Akif Pirincci

animated movie Felidae © Fontana Filmproduktion / Senator Film Produktion GmbH / TFC Trickompany Filmproduktion GmbHVery hard to find in English versions. Was supposed to be released in Australia but distributor cancelled at last minute. Try ebay and good luck.

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Fan page -- Jammet's fan page, with more extensive plot (warning: contains some spoliers) and screenshots
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