short film Father and Daughter © Cloudrunner / CinéTé Filmproductie BV
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Father and Daughter

"A father says goodbye to his young daughter and leaves. As the wide Dutch landscapes live through their seasons so the girl lives through hers. She becomes a young woman, has a family and in time she becomes old, yet within her there is always a deep longing for her father." --

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rated it:
This short is one the best I've recently seen. The animation and music are superb, the story and the ending are sad, but at the same time beautiful. It shows...
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rated it:
Amazing, that's what this short film is. It's simply amazing, one of the few films that always makes me cry when I see it. It has such an emotional impact...
Created by: Cloudrunner, CinéTé Filmproductie BV
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: UK / Belgium / Netherlands
Produced by: Claire Jennings
Musical Score by: Normand Roger and Denis L. Chartrand
Writing Credits: Michael Dudok de Wit
profile by: athena