holiday animation Father Christmas © TVC
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Father Christmas

Another busy Christmas Eve’s work is over, but what does Father Christmas do when his nights work is done? Well he goes back home, attends to his reindeer and complains about this and that. This year, he decides to go vacationing and turns his sledge into a makeshift caravan before heading off to France, moving on to Scotland and the lights of Las Vegas as his cover is blown. Finally he returns home to sort through his mail and get the gifts for next Christmas ready on time.

Created by: TVC
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
[ US cast ] Featuring the voices of:
William Dennis Hunt ... Father Christmas
[ UK cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Mel Smith ... Father Christmas
Directed by: Dave Unwin
Produced by: John Coates
Executive Producers: Iain Harvey
Musical Score by: Michael Hewer
Writing Credits: Michael Adams
Based on: The Book by Raymond Briggs
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