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Family Guy

The Griffins live in Rhode Island, where they are generally beset with various calamities brought about by 'family guy' and father, Peter . Long-suffering wife Lois tolerates his stupidity and selfishness, whilst somehow remaining blissfully ignorant that her baby, Stewie keeps trying to kill her, or that he is an evil genius bent on world domination. Filling out the group are stressed out daughter, Meg, son Chris, who has the potential to out-slob his father, and martini-drinking, dry-wit dog, Brian, who apart from a slight alcohol problem is clearly the most stable member of the family.

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rated it:
Sometimes this series can be pretty funny but other times it's just obnoxious and a blatant rip off of the Simpsons. My two favorite characters are Stewie and the...
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UPDATE TO ORIGINAL JULY 2009 RATING - In my original 2009 review I stated "I rated this show pretty low although I watch it a lot. 1st of all,...
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rated it:
The very opening of the show tells it - 'Lucky There's a Family Guy'. Because if we had to live with the 00' Simpsons, we'd probably be crying for some...
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rated it:
Sorry to break up the good reviews but... what a horrible show. It's crude, crass, offensive, blasphemous, the jokes are in bad taste, and the animation is stiff, jerky, and...
Created by: Fox, Film Roman, Fuzzy Door
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Seth MacFarlane ... Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Glen Quagmire, Tom Tucker, Carter Pewterschmidt
Alex Borstein ... Lois Griffin, Loretta, Tricia Takanawa, Barbara Pewterschmidt
Lacey Chabert ... Meg Griffin (1999-2000)
Mila Kunis ... Meg Griffin (2000-)
Patrick Warburton ... Joe Swanson
Seth Green ... Chris Griffin, Neil Goldman
Mike Henry ... Cleveland Brown
Featuring guest appearances by:
Lori Alan ... Diane Simmons, Coco and Coco's Dol
Carlos Alazraqui ... Mr. Weed
Gregg Allman ... Himself
Drew Barrymore ... Mrs Lockhart
Chevy Chase ... Himself
Gary Cole ... Michael Eisner, Principal Shepard
Chris Cox ... George W. Bush
Peter Criss ... Himself
Jim Cummings ... Winnie the Pooh
Tony Danza ... Himself
Andy Dick ... Himself
Phyllis Diller ... Thelma Griffin
Richard Dreyfuss ... Himself
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Fozzie Bear, Boy on mushrooms
Charles Durning ... Francis Griffin
Erik Estrada ... Ponch
Will Ferrell ... Fat Greek Guy
Nathan Fillion ... Frisbee Guy
Jonathan Frakes ... Commander William T. Riker
Peter Frampton ... Himself
Ace Frehley ... Himself
Leif Garrett ... Himself
Hunter Gomez ... Patrick (as child), child voices
Neil Patrick Harris ... Barney Stinson
Waylon Jennings ... Himself
Phil LaMarr ... Gambler Dan, Rupert, Ollie Williams, Pimp, Minister
Hugh Laurie ... Bar Patron
Jay Leno ... Himself
Rob Lowe ... Himself
Lee Majors ... Himself
Colm Meaney ... Francis Griffin
Josh Radnor ... Ted Mosby
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Bronson, Mean Joe, Mr. Plimpton, Sebastian, Molten Man, New 'Peter', Alex, various
Gene Simmons ... Himself
Marina Sirtis ... Counselor Deanna Troi
Danny Smith ... Evil Monkey
Paul Stanley ... Himself
Patrick Stewart ... Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Tara Strong ... Cheerleader, Meg (singing), Eliza Pinchley,
Jennifer Tilly ... Bonnie Swanson
Leslie Uggams ... Herself
Abe Vigoda ... Himself
Frank Welker ... Freddy
George Wendt ... Norm Peterson
Adam West ... Mayor Adam West
Wil Wheaton ... Anti-Abortion Activist
Produced by: Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, Allison Adler, Billiam Coronel, Gregory Thomas Garcia, Sherry Gunther, Gene Laufenberg and Kara Vallow
Executive Producers: Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Palladino, David Zuckerman and David A. Goodman
Musical Score by: Ron Jones and Walter Murphy
Writing Credits: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, Ricky Blitt, Chris Sheridan and Matt Weitzman
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