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Extreme Ghostbusters

The original Real Ghostbusters team has gone their seperate ways, leaving Egon Spengler living in the cluttered Firehouse and teaching a course based on his past career at the local college. Four students sign on for the course: Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett and Roland. However, when ghosts are unwittingly released into the world again, Egon's students go from hearing about old adventures to having some of their own.

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Wonderful take on the franchise. It just don't sound that it's exploiting the original series, which was already a great quality. But it also brings great characters, designs and a...
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Very few follow-up series ever reach the quality of the show which spore them, either the writing isnít up to it, or the essence of the original is lost. Extreme...
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When this series first aired I was living in residence at Simon Fraser University. I was 20 years old, or thereabouts, and I would get up at 7am, sneak down...
Created by: Adelaide Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Maurice LaMarche ... Egon Spengler
Rino Romano ... Eduardo Rivera
Tara Strong ... Kylie Griffin
Jason Marsden ... Garrett Miller
Alfonso Ribeiro ... Roland Jackson
Pat Musick ... Janine Melnitz
Billy West ... Slimer, the Mayor
Featuring guest appearances by:
Rene Auberjonois ... college professor
Buster Jones ... Winston Zeddemore
Roger Rees ... The Piper
Frank Welker ... Ray Stantz
Produced by: Duane Capizzi and Audu Paden
Executive Producers: Daniel Goldberg, Joe Medjuck and Richard Raynis
Theme Music by: Jim Latham and Ray Parker Jr.
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