animated series Excel Saga © J.C. Staff / Victor Entertainment Inc.
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Excel Saga

Excel is a hyperactive teen who works hard for ACROSS (total membership:2), a top secret ideological organization run by Lord Ilpalazzo, a man who’s dream of total conquest is limited by his limited and incompetent staff. So he has settled on just the conquering of the city of F for now, seeing as that will allow for the minor setbacks that Excel somehow manages to bring. Even the recent arrival of the overtly frail Hyatt is not enough to guarantee the conquering of the city. In-between trying to take over Excel works part-time to pay her bills and adopts a dog/emergency food supply. Among the things standing in the way of conquest (apart from sheer stupidity) are super cute invading aliens, weird government agencies, weirder afro-wearing heroes and counter agents who have pledged to protect the city from ACROSS.

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Very funny, and good for reducing stress. This anime makes me laugh every time. I remember first seeing Excel Saga sometime in the mid-2000's when I was looking for anime...
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Nuts. And here I thought Bobobo-bo Bo-bobobo was weird. Watching this recently, I wondered to myself "How much can I put up with a character so single-mindedly annoying that you...
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I love Lupercal's reviews, but we are often of the opposite opinion. I adore Excel Saga! It's my second-favorite anime. I have not watched any of the animes...
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This anime certainly has its fans, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. Broadly, you would say 'Excel' falls into the parody/comedy genre, and in terms of pacing it's...
Created by: J.C. Staff, Victor Entertainment Inc.
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Heppoko jikken animêshon excel saga (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Kotono Mitsuishi ... Excel
Takehito Koyasu ... Ilpalazzo
Omi Minami ... Hyatt
Takashi Nagasako ... Pedro
Shinichi Watanabe (II) ... Nabeshin
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jessica Calvello ... Excel (Episodes 1-13)
Jason Douglas ... Ilpalazzo
Larissa Wolcott ... Excel (eps 14-26)
Monica Rial ... Hyatt
Rob Mungle ... Pedro
Kelly Manison ... Great Will of the Macrocosm
Brett Weaver ... Nabeshin
Produced by: Shigeru Kitayama
Executive Producers: John Ledford and Mark Williams
Musical Score by: Toshiro Masuda
Writing Credits: Hideyuki Kurata and Yôsuke Kuroda
Based on: The Manga

animated series Excel Saga © J.C. Staff / Victor Entertainment Inc.Jessica Calvello damaged her vocal cords during a recording session of the show and was replaced by Larissa Wolcott for the rest of the series.

At the end of episode two, Excel is interrogated by American forces, one of the questions she is asked is "What is your purpose?" to which (in the dubbed version) she answers "A Big Fish." ADV put this joke into the dub because in the Japanese language original, the actor playing the American fluffs the line which ends up sounding like "What is a Porpoise?"


Obsessive fans should note the differences in video packaging before buying! The individual discs and the Imperfect Collection all contain extra inserts, such as posters, silly games, and an ACROSS ID card. In addition, several of the discs are loaded with Easter eggs and other extras, and contain an ADV Vid Notes subtitle track which explains the Japanese puns and parody references.

The newly released thin pak is cheaper and takes up less space, but there are no extras, and the box design (with the best parodic intent, I'm sure) makes it look like adult videos. Tough to explain to your mom, especially if you're female.

Inkwolf's verdict: buy the Imperfect Collection if you can--it's often very reasonably priced in Amazon's Used and New, or on Ebay.

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