flash animation Europe and Italy © Studio Bozzetto
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Europe and Italy

Bruno Bozzetto's short film attempts to educate the viewer who believes that the director's fellow Italians behave 'the same way as all other Europeans', on a range of topics from parking to sport to politics. See the link section at the bottom of the page to view the film online.

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rated it:
I liked this series of short clips very much. It just goes to show how we in the UK are so different to those of our Italian neighbours. The animation...
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rated it:
This is funny even if you've never been to Europe. I'm a weird American because I like European humor, but I can't help it. It's funny. This was some pretty...
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Generally comedy in animation works best when it is meticulously planned. It doesn’t necessary need to be a big-budget driven, contemporary style piece to be good. Heck, you can get...
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rated it:
I suppose this little short only made it to the profiles because it's Bruno Bozzetto's work. The quality and timing is there, however the detail lacks, but for the better,...
Created by: Studio Bozzetto
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Italy
Directed by: Bruno Bozzetto
Musical Score by: Roberto Frattini
Writing Credits: Bruno Bozzetto
Animated by: Bruno Bozzetto

Click on the link below to bozzetto.com and choose one of the sites to view 'Europe and Italy' as a 6 minute flash animation.

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