animated cartoon Estuary Adventures © Optic Riot Entertainment
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Estuary Adventures

We follow the stories of three young friends--Pazz, Ryukin and Karl--who share fun, imaginative adventures in that special place where the river meets the sea. In their first episode together, Pazz and Ryukin tell the tale of how they met their friend Karl and how his presence at first threw the whole Estuary into panic. We also get to hear Karl perform an original musical number at the Clamshell Theatre and the gang gets together to crack the Case of the Missing Microphone.

Created by: Optic Riot Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Tabitha St. Germain ... Ryukin the Goldfish
Samuel Vincent ... Pazz the Puffer Fish
Scott McNeil ... Karl the Bala Shark
Series Created by: Lisa Jenkins and Kim Wishart Goddard
Directed by: Lisa Jenkins
Produced by: Lisa Jenkins
Musical Score by: Kim Wishart Goddard
Writing Credits: Lisa Jenkins, Kim Wishart Goddard, Anthony Cranfield-Rose and Keith Goddard
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#1 - Don't Jump to Conclusions
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