animated movie Escape from Planet Earth © Rainmaker Entertainment
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Escape from Planet Earth

A group of aliens from around the universe plan their escape from a prison in Area 51.

Created by: Rainmaker Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Directed by: Tony Leech
Produced by: Edward Jones
Writing Credits: Cory Edwards and Tony Leech

Rainmaker has been doing Visual Effects out of Vancouver for years and their resumé includes work on such projects as iRobot, The Da Vinci Code and Firewall. In July of 2006 however they acquired another Vancouver company, Mainframe Entertainment, who have been in the CG animation business for a while with TV series like Reboot and various direct-to-video release such as Barbie and Hot Wheels.

"Escape from Planet Earth" is the first film to be made under this new partnership and the first full-length animated feature film that either company has ever produced.

profile by: athena