animated movie Ernest & Celestine © Les Armateurs / Studio Canal / La Parti Productions / Maybe Movies / Mélusine Productions
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Ernest & Celestine

Celestine, an orphan, has been taught throughout her life that bears love to catch and eat little mice like her. Like all young mice, she trains as a dentist; although, she would rather draw and paint.

Ernest, a one-bear musician, goes out to busk for food. Having his instruments confiscated by the police, Ernest searches bins, finding Celestine; who wound up trapped inside one during a tooth raid.

Celestine talks Ernest into raiding a candy store instead of eating her and Ernest soon finds himself helping the mouse collect her quota of teeth - from a denture shop. However their actions - and growing friendship - turn the two into fugitives from the law of both their worlds.

Created by: Les Armateurs, Studio Canal, La Parti Productions, Maybe Movies, Mélusine Productions
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France / Belgium / Luxembourg
Alternate Title: Ernest et Célestine (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Lambert Wilson ... Ernest
Pauline Brunner ... Célestine
Dominique Maurin ... Chef de Clinique
Anne-Marie Loop ... La Grise
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Forest Whitaker ... Ernest
Mackenzie Foy ... Celestine
Lauren Bacall ... The Grey One
Paul Giamatti ... Rat Judge
William H. Macy ... Head Dentist
Megan Mullally ... Lucienne
Nick Offerman ... George
Jeffrey Wright ... Grizzly Judge
Directed by: Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar and Benjamin Renner
Produced by: Didier Brunner, Vincent Tavier, Henri Magalon and Stéphan Roelants
Musical Score by: Vincent Courtois
Writing Credits: Daniel Pennac
Based on: the books by Gabrielle Vincent

Nominated for the 2013 Academy Award, but lost to Disney's Frozen.
First animated film to win the Magritte Award for Best Film.

Was released to United States theatres in 2013, and dubbed in English in February 2014.

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