animated movie El Cid: The Legend © Fílmax / Castelao Producciones
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El Cid: The Legend

Rodrigo is the perfect candidate for hero: a handsome, well-humored, brave young man with a brilliant future lying before him. Son of a Castillian Nobleman, he combines his royal upbringing and his friendship with the King´s son and heir Sancho with clandestine visits to his beloved Gimena, the daughter of the Duke of Gormaz, who has zealously forbidden their courtship. But upon King Fernando´s death, Rodrigo finds himself in a plot-laden world that will put an end to Sancho's life and crown his brother "Prince Alfonso," king. Suddenly Rodrigo loses everything he had so easily come-by: his best friend, his beloved Gimena, his honor... and on top of all this he is unjustly exiled from Castilla. Far from home, in hostile terrain, Rodrigo together with a few good men and the support of the Arab prince Al-Mutamin, launches a passionate, unforgettable, action-packed adventure, recuperating Castillian territories and waging war against the newly crowned King's bitter enemy, the dreaded Ben Yussuff, who has sworn to conquer the peninsula. -- official synopsis

Created by: Fílmax, Castelao Producciones
Language: Spanish
Country of Origin: Spain
Alternate Title: El cid: La leyenda (Spain)
[ Spanish ] Featuring the voices of:
Manel Fuentes ... Rodrigo
Sancho Gracia ... Gormaz
Carlos Latre ... Ben Yussuf, Conde Ordóñez
Loles León ... Urraca
Natalia Verbeke ... Gimena
Directed by: Jose Pozo
Produced by: Julio Fernández
Executive Producers: Carlos Fernandez and Julio Fernández
Musical Score by: óscar Araujo
Writing Credits: Jose Pozo
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[Region 2 - English subtitles]
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