animated movie Dunder Klumpen © G.K. Film
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Dunder Klumpen

It is mid-winter's night in northern Sweden, a magical night when the sun never sets. On this night, lonesome Dunderklumpen sneaks sneaks into the house of the Wolger family where the little girl Camilla is already asleep. He brings to life some of her toys--Lionel, Doll, Pellegillot and Dummy--and then steals them away to be his new friends. Hearing the toys' cries for help, Camilla's brother Jens goes after Dunderklumpen across the lake and his father trails along trying to catch up with his son.

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I doubt many people have seen or heard of this one, but if you wanted a sort of modern-day comtemporary... imagine 'My Neighbour Totoro' made in the 1970s in Sweden....
Created by: G.K. Film
Language: English dub / Swedish
Country of Origin: Sweden
[ Swedish ] Featuring the voices of:
Halvar Björk ... Dunderklumpen, Jorm
Håkan Serner ... Lionel
Lotten Strömstedt ... Doll
Toots Thielemans ... Pellegnillot
Gösta Ekman ... Dummy
Birgitta Andersson ... Blomhåret
Stig Grybe ... One Eye
Bert-Åke Varg ... Old House
Hans Alfredson ... Bee
Sif Ruud ... Elvira Fattigan
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Kenneth Harvey ... Dunder Klumpen
Jerry Sroka ... Lionel, Bee
Liane Curtis ... Doll
Toots Thielemans ... Pellegnillot
Don Scardio ... Dummy
Rose Marie Jun ... Blossom
Bill Marine ... One Eye
George Coe ... Old House
Chuck Magruder ... Jorm
Paulette Rubinstein ... Elvira Fattigan
Featuring live-action actors:
Beppe Wolgers ... Father
Jens Wolgers ... Jens
Directed by: Per Åhlin
Produced by: Gunnar Carlsson
Musical Score by: Toots Thielemans
Writing Credits: Beppe Wolgers
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