animated cartoon Dragons: Fire and Ice © Bardel Animation Ltd.
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Dragons: Fire and Ice

The Norvagen and the Draigar have been at each other's throats for centuries. Despite the efforts of the dragon-appointed ambassador, Xenos, both sides blame the other for killing the remaining mighty dragons. The dragons, who once co-existed with the humans, have left for their own dimension and promise to return only when a lasting peace has been achieved.

In an effort to stop the unending war, Prince Dev of the Norvagen and Princess Kyra of the Draigar secretly fly out to deal a decisive blow against the other side. At first they fight each other, but soon they find they are on the same side, bound by the same destiny to fight a far greater evil that has taken root in their land...

Created by: Bardel Animation Ltd.
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Mark Hildreth ... Prince Dev
Chiara Zanni ... Princess Kyra
Mark Oliver ... Xenos
Richard Newman ... Thoron
Ron Halder ... King Olsef
Brian Drummond ... King Siddari
Brian Dobson ... Gortaz
Danny McKinnon ... Young Dev
Britt Irvin ... Young Kyra
Directed by: Keith Ingham
Produced by: Jonathan Goodwill
Executive Producers: Delna Bhesania and Cathy Schoch
Musical Score by: Brian Carson and Ari Wise
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