animated movie Dragon Hunters © Futurikon
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Dragon Hunters

Every twenty seasons, the terrible dragon World Gobbler appears to spread death and devastation. Is there no brave knight who can defeat the monster? No, but there's a little girl named Zoe who believes in fairy tales, and she finds Lian-chu and Gwizdo, a pair of freelance dragon hunters willing to take on the job, or at least make off with the reward.

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Cartoon Network didn't want to take a chance on the show. American theaters didn't want to take a chance on the movie. But the French show that they...
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I waited to write this review. I've become hesitant to give four stars to movies on one viewing, because my opinion often cools later. But just when I was...
Created by: Futurikon
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France
Alternate Titles: Chasseurs de dragons (France), Die Drachenjäger (Germany)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Vincent Lindon ... Lian-chu
Patrick Timsit ... Gwizdo
Marie Drion ... Zoe
Phillipe Nahon ... Le Seigneur Arnold
Jeremy Prevost ... Hector
Amanda Lear ... Gildas
Jean-Marc Lentretien ... Mamular
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Forest Whitaker ... Lian-chu
Rob Paulsen ... Gwizdo
Mary Matilyn Mouser ... zoe
Nick Jameson ... Lord Arnold
Dave Wittenberg ... Hector
Jess Harnell ... Gildas
Directed by: Arthur Qwak and Guillaume Ivernel
Produced by: Philippe Delarue and Tilo Seiffert
Executive Producers: Klaus Badelt, Michael Coldewey and Robyn Klein
Musical Score by: Klaus Badelt
Writing Credits: Arthur Qwak and Frédéric Lenoir
Animated by: Prothais Nicolas
Based on: Dragon Hunters animated series

animated movie Dragon Hunters © FuturikonThe original Dragon Hunters had a very short run on Cartoon Network before being bumped for domestic product. Probably for this reason, there seems to have been little interest in distributing the movie in the US. You may have to hunt around for a DVD.

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