animated movie Dougal and the Blue Cat © AP Films / Anglo-EMI / United Artists
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Dougal and the Blue Cat

An early 70's feature film based on 'The Magic Roundabout' TV series. Under the influence of the mysterious Madam Blue, Buxton the evil blue cat crowns himself king and sets up headquarters in the ruins of the old treacle factory, turning everything in the land blue, and capturing the Magic Roundabout gang, imprisoning them in caves below the factory. The world's only hope is Dougal, who colours himself blue and enters the factory to do battle with Buxton...

see also: The Magic Roundabout and The Magic Roundabout (TV Series)
Created by: AP Films, Anglo-EMI, United Artists
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: UK / France
Alternate Title: Pollux et le chat bleu (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Nadine Legrand ... La Reine Bleue
Christian Riehl-Bisciglia ... Narrator, other characters
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Eric Thompson ... Narrator and all other characters
Fenella Fielding ... Madam Blue
Directed by: Eric Thompson
Produced by: L. Danot and L. Auclin
Musical Score by: Joss Basselli
Writing Credits: Eric Thompson, Serge Danot and J. Josselin
Animated by: V. M. Cahier

As with the TV series, the English language movie consisted of Erich Thompson completely re-writing the original French version (which was released in 1970).

Scala Cinema in London got into legal hot water for using this movie as a 'cover' for screenings of 'A Clockwork Orange', which was banned in the UK by Stanley Kubrick until his death.

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