animated series Doug © Disney / Nickelodeon
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Doug Funnie has a pretty busy and confusing life in Bluffington. There's his Quail Man comics he loves to draw... his best friends Skeeter and Porkchop (his dog) to hang out with... bullies to escape, a huge crush on Patti to nurse and just the general kid stuff to deal with. Small town living may never be the same...

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Pretty boring. Honestly, I don't know what else to say about it, to fill out the minimum number of words. The animation is pastel boring; the stories are like...
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Doug (the one from Nickelodeon) was an very good series. It was the first time I heard the voice talent of Billy West. The stories were meant to teach morals....
Created by: Disney, Nickelodeon
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Billy West ... Doug Funnie, Roger Klotz, Boomer Bledsoe, Joe Valentine (1991-1993)
Thomas McHugh ... Doug Funnie (1996-1999)
Chris Phillips ... Roger Klotz, Boomer (1996-1999)
Fred Newman ... Skeeter Valentine, Bud Dink, Porkchop
Constance Shulman ... Patti Mayonnaise
Becca Lish ... Judy Funnie, Theda Funnie, Connie Benge
Alice Playten ... Beebe Bluff, Elmo
Guy Hadley ... Guy Graham (1996-1999)
Doug Preis ... Phil Funnie, Lamar Bone, Mr. Bluff
Eddie Korbich ... Al and Moo Sleech (1996-1999)
Bruce Bayley Johnson ... Mr. Swirly, Mr. Crushee
Greg Lee ... Principal White
Doris Belack ... Mayor Tippi Dink
Don Knotts ... Vice Principal Bone
Musical Score by: Dan Sawyer

There are really two "Doug"s--the first was made by Nickolodeon and ran between 1991 and 1993. Although some fans still feel these were the glory days of Doug, Disney evidently did not think Doug's days were over. They brought back Doug in 1996 as "Brand Spanking New! Doug" or "Disney's Doug" for another three season run. Disney was also responsible for the release of the Doug movie in 1999.

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